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Furniline Group has been a reputable name in Thailand furniture industry for 28 years (since 1983). We take our pride in partnering our customers nationwide with quality machinery, comprehensive ranges of raw materials, and furniture fittings.

Furniline Group is established for the first business to supply woodworking machinery to Thai furniture industry as well as high standard service by experienced technicians in mechanical, electric, electronic and computer.


The Group is growing by expanding range of the supplies and services to facilitate the mission “complete support” to our customers. From machinery, lamination service, wooden furniture parts, furniture fittings, cutting - routing tools, technical service, and re-sharpening service.

Furniline Group also values the social contribution by organizing the seminar and conference to share the updated information to the industry. The education institutes which carry the furniture or design program enjoy our transferred knowledge technology, and workshop sessions contributed by Furniline Group.


Our mission statement is reflecting what we are aiming for. Furniline Group’s business domain is “to provide the quality and reliable goods with after-sales service excellence for our customers to enjoy its utmost utilization from efficiency production process and above standard parts, fittings and tools.”


We are investing the brand-new PCD resharpening machine servicing for Thai Customers in 2004. From the first step, we have learned and developed our technologies to cope with our customers satisfaction by continuous investing on top-class machiner for tools manufacturing.


Thanks to the brilliant software available together with those machines, we are able to manufacture our customized tools in high flexible process, yet high standard quallity in short time.


Nevertheless, we know in our hearts that high quality tools are achieved from high grade raw materials, so we only use selected sources which well-know in the industry. For example, Tigra for TCT and Element 6 for PCD.



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